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The Aquarium Gallery and Studios

The Aquarium Gallery and StudiosMap
934 Montegut Street
New Orleans


Fun! Wacky! contemplative. elegant.

Gallery, Studios, rentable workshop space.

Contact Info: Jacob Martin 504.701.0511,  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Gallery Hours: Saturday and Sunday 12pm-5pm, Second Saturday of every month: 12pm-9pm

The Front

The FrontMap
4100 St. Claude Avenue
New Orleans


The Front, an artist run collective, fosters the development of contemporary art in the city of
New Orleans through exhibitions and community-based projects.

The Front members include:

Kyle Bravo
Andrea Ferguson
Rachel Jones & Julie Pieri
Morgana King
Jenny Le Blanc
Jennifer Odem
Stephanie Patton
Claire Rau
Jeff Rinehart & Natalie Sciortino
Ann Schwab
Megan Roniger
Jonathan Traviesa

Saturday & Sunday 12 to 5 pm

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The Green Project

The Green Project Map
2831 Marais Street
New Orleans


Like so many of the greats, The Green Project grew out of humble beginnings. In 1994, a woman by the name of Linda Stone had a collection of unused paint stored in her garage that she wanted to dispose of without harming the local ecosystem or polluting the groundwater. Finding no resource in New Orleans to do so, she solved her problem by creating her own solution. She opened a small paint-recycling center in a Mid-City warehouse.

Now 17 years later, it has evolved into the recycling hub of New Orleans that it is now. The Green Project today, located in the Bywater/St. Roch neighborhood, sells all sorts of salvaged bits and pieces - as well as many more sizeable chunks - from deconstructed buildings. Everything from lumber and bricks to nails and hinges can be purchased for the best prices around, or donated in exchange for peace of mind that your no longer needed treasures won't end up in a landfill.

We are also into spreading the love. Every Saturday morning, people come to learn how to better their lives with "greener" living.

The Green Project also serves as a drop-off for various recyclables, not the least of which is e-waste, another product many eco-conscious New Orleanians might otherwise keep in their garage collecting dust until those old computers would be bona fide antiques.

Through all of these solutions we now provide, The Green Project currently processes over 35,000 gallons of paint and diverts over 1.8 million pounds of usable materials from the waste stream every year. Not too shabby for a little neighborhood paint-recycling facility.

The Pearl

The PearlMap
639 Desire St.
New Orleans


New Orleans Finest Supper Club / Late Night Rendez Vous

UNO St. Claude Gallery

2429 St. Claude Avenue
New Orleans


Hours: Sat + Sun 12-5, and by appointment

Word of Mouth Gallery

Word of Mouth GalleryMap
1118 Pauline Street
New Orleans


A new DIY gallery interested in promoting young artists, celebrating the New Orleans spirit of art in all kinds of ways and places.

Contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Phone: 845.405.2165 or 518.586.6663

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